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SWGA Farm Credit Announces Webinar to Assist Young, Beginning, & Small Farmers

Southwest Georgia Farm Credit is partnering again with agricultural experts to benefit young, beginning, and small operation farmers through an educational webinar. The association will host the complimentary online webinar with Dr. Dave Kohl on August 25th, 2023 from 11 AM to Noon.

Dr. Kohl’s wisdom and engagement with all levels of the agriculture industry provide a unique perspective into future trends.  He also has keen insight into the agriculture industry gained through extensive travel, research, and involvement in ag businesses.  He has traveled nearly 10 million miles; conducted more than 7,000 presentations; and published more than 2,500 articles in his career.

“Today’s economic environment appears to have a surprise around every corner,” said Dr. Kohl. “Geopolitics, military action, changes in consumer trends along with trade, and the status of the economy must be incorporated into business decision making.”

Dr. Kohl will present time-tested fundamental business and financial principles for successful businesses regardless of size, enterprise, geographic location, or stage of the business.  Join us for a high-energy, information-packed session that is designated to stimulate critical thinking in these turbulent times. 

Don't miss this opportunity to watch our webinar on your iPad, computer, or mobile device.  Learn, engage with others, and identify actions to improve your business acumen on your learning journey.  Register by August 18th by sending an email to

Headquartered in Bainbridge, Georgia, Southwest Georgia Farm Credit supports farmers, farm businesses, and rural property owners, providing safe, sound, dependable financing.  The Association is part of the Farm Credit System, a nationwide network of agricultural and rural lending institutions cooperatively owned by their borrowers.  Farm Credit helps maintain and improve the quality of life in rural America and on the farm, through its constant commitment to competitive lending and expert financial services.

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