Beginning Farmers

Just getting started?

Getting started in agriculture can be difficult. Sometimes, it takes having a knowledgeable, financial expert by your side who can help you work through some of the important issues you’ll face. Additionally, we have educational opportunities, like AgBiz Planner, which helps you better understand how to manage your farming operation, complete a business plan, and more. Interested in learning more about opportunities for young and beginning farmers? Email us at

Resources, Training & Financing For The Young, Beginning & Small Farmer

Southwest Georgia Farm Credit is a proud contributing partner of AgBizInfo. AgBizInfo is the most comprehensive source of education and business resources for young, beginning, and small farmers and ranchers in the United States. Visit AgBizInfo today to start exploring resources and tools for your next venture! 

We pay patronage dividends.

When you do business with Farm Credit, you become a member. As a cooperative, we return our profits to those who borrow from us.

Patronage Calculator


Here is your estimated Patronage Distribution: ESTIMATED PATRONAGE

After receipt of your distribution, patronage effectively lowers your total interest cost for the first year of your loan from $XXXXX to: EFFECTIVE INTEREST EXPENSE

This effectively lowers your interest rate from XXXX to: EFFECTIVE INTEREST RATE

*Results based on 10-year average refund totals. Past performance not a guarantee of future payouts. Calculations do not account for time value of money or distinguish between returns made in cash and in allocated surplus. Talk to a loan officer for details.

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