Here We Grow

Welcome to Here We Grow

In this grassroots podcast by Southwest Georgia Farm Credit, we focus on education and inspiring growth down on the farm, at home, and in rural communities. 

We hope to take our listeners beyond the scope of agriculture and into the real life stories and conversations taking place in Southwest Georgia.  Whether you are farmer or farmHER, agvocate, land lover, or southern dweller, we have industry experts and homegrown leaders ready to share their knowledge with you.   Each podcast contains industry insights, advice, and resources for your agribusiness and rural living toolbox.  If you are seeking information and understanding on topics like agronomy, farm equipment, financing, equipment, or homes with acreage, our show is for you!

A new episode is released each month.  Find us and subscribe on your favorite podcast app (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music).  For questions, contact Anna Kinchen at

Thanks for listening!