Timber Financing

One size doesn’t “fit all” when it comes to financing timber and the forestry industry. You need a lender who will go the distance with you, with common-sense solutions, rates, and terms that make doing business with us, well, commonsense.

Depending on your needs—whether you’re a hauler, logger, or mill owner—we offer a variety of loans and leases that can help you be successful. Whether you’re purchasing timberland or buying seeding equipment, searching for a unique opportunity to invest in timberland, or need better roads and fire lanes to access your property, we understand. And we can help.

Our loans programs include financing for:

  • Purchasing timberland or standing timber
  • Buying sawmill equipment
  • Purchasing or leasing machinery, equipment, cars and trucks
  • Making timberland improvements, such as planting and seeding
  • Maintaining roads, fire lanes and drainage ditches
  • Refinancing debts
  • Paying operating expenses

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