Specialized Loans

Our team specializes in financing operations like dairy farms, poultry, greenhouses, nurseries, wineries, and more. Loans can be customized to match the operation’s income and cash flows.

Dairy financing made easy

Farm Credit finances hundreds of dairies all across the United States, and right here in southwest Georgia. We customized financing to the size of your operation, and work hard to ensure cash flows match payment cycles. Whether you’re ready to expand your operation, want to lease or purchase equipment, need more land, want to construct barns, fencing, parlors or make other improvements, need trucks, or want to purchase cows or feed, we are a trusted member of your team.


From helping to develop a business plan to financing technology, irrigation, renovations, improvements and stock, we understand the unique needs and challenges of this industry and are prepared to help.

Growing your vineyard

Operating a vineyard can be a high-risk business; the market, weather, and other variables play a role in determining your financial success. Regardless of the risks, one thing is for sure: capital needs are pretty intensive. We can help with operating loans, real estate loans, leasing for your equipment, and tailor a payment structure to the cash flow of your vineyard or winery.


Our poultry loans help poultry producers by offering customized loan packages designed to meet the special challenges and capital needs unique to this industry. Of course, we understand that flexible repayment terms are a must in order to fit your specific operation. We offer loans for construction of poultry houses, facility improvements, refinancing of debt, operating expenses, equipment and machinery and for improvements.

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