Farm Loans

Farm Loans are easy with a Relationship Manager by your side. We focus on quick loan approval and customized payment schedules. Whether you’re buying land, or making farm improvements –building a barn, putting up fences, or building a stable, we can finance it. We also offer operating loans with revolving and annual lines of credit for your day-to-day expenses. Repayment schedules are flexible.

The Lender for your Needs

Southwest Georgia Farm Credit is the best choice for your financing needs. We support your farming operation in good and bad times, help you meet your agriculture goals and share our profits with you through our Member Dividend Program. In fact, we are the only agricultural lender that returns a portion of our profits to those who do business with us.

Real Estate and Farm Improvement Loans

Fixed, variable and adjustable rate mortgages are available with several maturities. We also provide refinancing options which may assist you with your cash flow.

Equipment Loans

Upgrade or replace farm equipment and take advantage of dealer cash discounts by financing through Farm Credit Express. With Farm Credit Express, you can apply for Farm Credit financing right at the dealership.
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Operating Loans

An operating loan may allow you to run your operation more efficiently because you can realize savings through cash discounts, lock in prices by paying ahead and receive tax benefits for prepayment of some expenses. Revolving and annual lines of credit are available to farm owners and operators. We can establish payment schedules to coincide with your income from crop or livestock sales.

Fencing/Building Loans

Let us make your property perfect! Whether that means fencing, new buildings, or even home improvements, at Farm Credit we can create a package just for you.

Vehicle and Personal Loans

We provide loans for cars or trucks, college tuition, or just about any credit need for farm owners and operators. Payments can be scheduled to coincide with your income.

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This land loan calculator computes monthly payments & the total interest based on the purchase price, downpayment amount, interest rate and number of monthly payments.

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The Farm Credit advantage: we pay dividends.

When you do business with Farm Credit,
you become a member. As a cooperative,
we return our profits to those who borrow
from us.
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