Farm Credit Leasing gives our rural southwest Georgia business owners all the benefits of leasing, including reduced expenses, lower taxes, access to better equipment and more control over their balance sheets.

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing equipment is option to consider when conserving capital and lowering payments is important for cash flow purposes.

Conserve Capital and Match Your Payment Schedule

Leasing can be considered 100 percent financing because it requires no down payment. Typically, leasing offers lower periodic payments and will often line up better with your cash flow schedule.

Nearly All Equipment Qualifies for the Leasing Program

Farm Credit Leasing is available for almost every type of equipment used in the agriculture industry. Use it for fleets of automobiles and trucks, agricultural production and processing equipment, material handling equipment, storage facilities, switching and communication equipment, office equipment, computers, utility equipment and more.

Leasing Offers Tax Benefits

Producers who lease equipment can take advantage of additional tax provisions. Check with your CPA or tax advisor for current tax provisions. Out of the ways to acquire new equipment, leasing requires the least amount of capital, offers tax advantages that a loan or cash purchase cannot and allows you to use better machinery to run your operation. If you need a new piece of equipment, consider a lease with Southwest Georgia Farm Credit.